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Pet's General Store is proud to carry Dr. Gary's Best Breed in Lakewood, Ohio. The Best Breed story begins in 1994 at Dr. Gary’s clinic in Northwest Ohio. Early in his career, as a Veterinarian in private clinical practice, Dr. Gary began observing what he felt to be nutritionally-induced health conditions such as digestive complications, mobility challenges, and skin issues. He knew that all of us, as pet lovers, could improve our best friend’s health and happiness by simply changing their diet.

Dog Food
  • Holistic Grain Free Dog Formulas: Chicken with Fruits & Vegetables, Salmon with Fruits & Vegetables, Red Meat Recipe Buffalo and Lamb
  • Dog Formulas: Chicken with Vegetables and Herbs, Lamb Meal with Fruits and Vegetables, Salmon with Vegetables and Herbs, All Breed Dog Diet, Large Breed Dog Diet, Puppy Diet, Senior Dog Diet Reduced Calorie
  • Specialty Dog Formulas: Cocker Spaniel Dog Diet, Poodle Dog Diet, Working Dog Diet High Calorie, German Dog Diet, Field Dog Diet, Schnauzer Dog Diet
Dry Cat Food
  • Cat Food Formulas: Cat Diet, Grain Free Cat Diet
Supplements for Pets
  • Dog & Cat Supplements: Dental Care, Perna-Flex2 Dog Glucosamine
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