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Do the fish in your aquarium look different? Do they have white  patches, cloudy eyes, or  rough fins? Is their behavior unusual? Even well cared for fish can get sick, and when they do, Pet's General Store in Lakewood Ohio has the fish health and wellness products to bring them back to their  regular, healthy selves. We also  supply everything you need to  maintain those fish  healthy and balanced  to begin with.

After all,  the most effective  treatment for the fish  illness is prevention: feed them appropriately and don't jam-pack the tank. Monitor temperature and other important signs. Do your partial water replacements on a regular basis.  Often, however, in spite of your best efforts, diseases find their way into an aquarium.

 Below are some  common aquarium fish diseases and the  indications that your fish might be  struggling with them:

Ich, short for Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, is the most common aquarium parasite.  Indications of ich ( noticeable ""ick"") are elevated white spots,  quick breathing, rubbing against accessories, or darting about the tank. There is ich medicine and other treatments available.

Other parasites include chilodonella, with signs similar to ich, and oodinium,  also known as rust, gold, or velvet dust  illness, which causes an oddly  tinted dusting on the fish's body. There are also fish lice, anchor worms, flukes, and nematodes.  Various  signs include  unpredictable swimming, loss of color, excessive mucous,  problem breathing, and bloating or wasting.

After parasites, the most common diseases are bacterial infections such as fin and tail rot.  Signs of the bacterial  illness are white film, cloudy eyes,  rough fins, and open sores. Bacterial infections are  challenging to  deal with  due to the fact that antibiotics can disrupt the aquarium and filter.

Fungal infections are less frequent and  frequently take the  type of cotton-like growths.

Viral infections occur in goldfish and koi but are less common in other aquarium fish.

If you see or presume any of these issues in your fish, it's a good idea to speak with a specialist regarding diagnosis and treatment.  Pictures and videos can be useful in sharing the signs you're seeing.

Pet's General Store is headquarters for all your tropical fish requirements! Whatever health problems your fish have, or to maintain them healthy, to begin with, you can discover all you need at Pet's General Store in Lakewood Ohio  We understand fish, and we stock a  total line of aquarium Parasite & Ick Treatments  items for any issue your fish might have. Stop right into our shop, visit us online or call (216) 226-0886 for specialist guidance on our total line of materials for the health of your tank.

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